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It’s Gonna be a Rocking 2020 Fitness Year…

Happy 2020 everyone! I hope that the new year is already treating you good.


Recently our HR department at work hosted a Maintain Don’t Gain [weight] challenge. Since I am part of the Wellness Committee, I was asked to be the coach for the duration of the challenge to send out weekly tips and inspiration. Our challenge is almost over, but I got some good feedback from the participants, so I thought that you, my wonderful reader, might also like some of the tips that I shared.


Since’s it a brand new year, that means the pressure of setting goals, intentions and resolutions is upon us already. You’re probably seeing ads galore getting you to download the new apps. But guess what, you never have to wait for the New Year to roll around to make your goals, start whenever you want! Pick back up whenever! The aim of this post is not to pressure you, but simply a way for you to look at what YOU want your fitness goals to be like for 2020 and some ways to help you achieve those over the course of the year.

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Disclaimer: **I am not an affiliate for any of these apps or links. The apps I mention are simply based off my own current and past experiences. I am an Android user, but many of these are available for Android and Apple users. The links provided are by brands I feel are well-known, accepted and trusted.


Food and Water Trackers:

  • MyFitnessPal (part of the Under Armour App family) – this is my go-to food tracker and one of the most downloaded! It’s user friendly with the app and website, customizable and compatible with many fitness/routine trackers. They boast they have over 11 million food and drink options (fast food/restaurants included) in their database, but you can also add in your own. Some homemade stuff can be a little hard to find, but I found something that I felt was close enough. It also automatically will calculate nutrition facts based on the portion size you enter, so no math! Yay!!!
    *Side note – you may be aware from the news that this company, like many others in these Cyber-days, unfortunately experienced a breach. They alerted all users about the situation. I have not had a problem with my information but I want to make you aware*
  • Ate – food tracker (also comes recommended by the owner of the Passion Planners)
  • Plant Nanny – not a boring water tracker! The more you drink, the more you grow your plant.

Wearable Exercise Trackers (for those who have them):

  • Fitbit
  • Apple Watch
  • Samsung Watch

Fitness Routine Trackers (wearable technology not required):

  • Endomondo (part of the Under Armour App family) – this was one of the 1st fitness trackers that I worked with and it integrated with other apps I had at the time. I found that it was pretty accurate in tracking the location when I went on walks. Also has a website too
  • MapMyFitness (part of the Under Armour App family) – also has a good location tracker
  • Charity Miles – there’s a decent list of charities you can donate to when you workout!

Yoga and Meditation Routines:

  • Gaia
  • Down Dog
  • Calm – great for daily mediations, background noises and sleep stories (the free app is limited, the purchase is WELL worth it)
  • Noisli– customizable background noise – available as an app and website
  • Insight Timer


  • Blogilates – I found the website first and presently the app is only available for Apple users
  • HabitHub – habit tracker, very easy to use
  • Weight Gurus (I found a Bluetooth capable scale off Amazon for about $50 and this was the recommended app. You can also do a manual entry for login). I would recommend checking to see if this app is capable to track with your potential future Bluetooth scale purchase.


Many of the apps I’ve use(d) are now part of the Under Armour family but I’ve been using them before they all merged. In case you want to find some other ones better suited to your goals and or phone/device carrier, here are some good links by reputable sources:


I hope that you may find some good apps for the fitness goals you want to achieve and conquer this upcoming year. I’ll see you next week for another round of tips and inspiration.

Wishing you a Happy 2020 New Year with the greatest of happiness and the best of success!

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Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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