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Shining Moments – April 12th – 18th, 2020

I hope that everyone had a good Easter weekend. I can’t get over how we are already halfway through April?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Not that I’m complaining, but we’re already into the 2nd quarter of the year! This April week’s edition is just about the moments, no updates or reflection this week.


Shining Moments

– Still working (considered an essential) at the hotel

– Still working UberEats – the Easter weekend + everyone’s April bills put a dent in it, but I’m hoping once everyone’s stimulus checks start rolling in, there will be more orders to deliver.

– Easter baskets for the boys were a big hit! At least April hadย a little bit of normalcy to it

– Got to watch an Easter Sunrise service on Facebook Live at Pretty Place, Greenville SC

– Made biscuits, croissants and Funfetti sugar cookies (I mean, the oven WAS already on haha)

– I watched my home church, Seacoast Church, online as normal and the worship totally rocked this week. Pastor Josh Surratt had a powerful message and I definitely cried this week

– Made myself a small Easter lunch meal and also prepped a sausage potato bake for the week ahead (doesn’t taste like Mom’s but it is still ok)

– Still have toilet paper #itsthesmallthings

– Finally the USB lights set up in the sunroom – 3 way whites and 9 colors. These are the lights that you typically put around electronics, but I just hung them on on the wall with the adhesive still on in case I change my mind about the placement (plus we have that stupid “popcorn” texture walls so nothing sticks to it anyways)

– Found a 3 way lightbulb (30w, 60w and 100w) –ย  no more “I can’t see!” or “Man, I wish that was just a little bit brighter…”

– While stopped at a light, I saw a white and black marbled great dane on one side of the road and a dalmatian on the other

–ย  Safe from the tornados that hit the Lowcountry area on Monday

– Wednesday rained almost all day and around sunset, it began to clear up a little bit and a itty bit of sunset shone through. As I driving UberEats, I passed a church with a fairly large cross steeple and it was illuminated with this beautiful rose pink bathed sunset color.

– Saw this adorable doormat that said “How doodle you do?” with a basic outline of a dog. So cute!

ServSafe offered their Food Handler course online for no charge for a limited time (til 4/30/2020) during COVID. I’ve taken the BIG course back in college and the “update” course a few times. Mine has expired (it’s good for 3 years) so I took them up on the free offer. I’m proud to say that I am re-certified AND I got 100% on the online exam!

– Did a night time face mask – smelled pretty, didn’t have to rinse off and my skin was less irritated in the morning

– Read some newly downloaded books off my Kindle app when I couldn’t sleep

– My body is slowly telling me it’s beginning to heal some, despite of today’s insanity

– I had to call some of my financial companies and they were very kind

– Got to spend time with the boys 2x this week and even went out on a walk with them

– Friday and Sunday had some pretty sunsets

– Friday night I got a kiss from Rocko the German shepherd (mostly all black, but had some tan on him)



Progress on 32 Things
*For the full list, check out my birthday post 32 Birthdays and 32 Things*


No update






No reflection this week



Lets all shine bright together…
Love Jenn, Crescent Moon & Stars

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