Welcome to Part 2 of the Bucket List challenge!

My guy and I hunkered down for Hurricane Matthew who decided to stop by for an unpleasant visit this weekend. He huffed and puffed and rained himself out, but we’re still here, no damage to us and did fine. Losing power for a little over 24 hours sucked though and we only lost our tempers twice in the matter of 3 days.

Now to waiting fall weather, although it was a nice chilly morning today. Hello 54 degree morning – 70 degree day…

If you don’t haven’t checked it out yet, head over here for the Fall Bucket List Social Media Challenge. Cross off what you’ve done and keep up with me on social media as I post pictures of what I’ve been up to. You can find me on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. Follow me and share your fall favorites. (This particular round I might have to move things to double up on future dates, but have fun for me in case I can’t!)

Here we go!



Day 8 – New changes

For me, I’m looking for a new job, new adventures and more into my career field. I’ve put in some 21+ applications and am now waiting to hear back. I’ve had some interviews, some went well and some…not so well/dumbfounded at the interviewer haha.

As for Crescent Moon & Stars, I’ve been working on some ideas, tweaking things and building up community.

A personal win for me is that I got to meet my favorite financial guru and a man of God, Dave Ramsey. I’ve taken his Financial Peace University course 2x (it’s amazing, check it out here!)



Day 9 –  Fall candle holders

Who doesn’t love candles? The variety of smells, the colors, the smells, the sizes, cute/unique/elegant/exquisite candleholders? Why would fall be any different? I found all of these candleholders at the Dollar Tree and the candles at either Walmart or Kohl’s.


**Worried about a burning flame, especially around kids?
Check out an electric wax melt burner instead.
Still technically a fire hazard, but at least no open flame!**



Day 10 & 11 – Halloween decor 

Who doesn’t love decorating? Get those creative juices flowing and celebrate the reason for the season or just to have some fun! Since we had Hurricane Matthew show up, decorating our apartment got delayed (I suppose it was a good thing, I would have had to have taken the door stuff right back down anyways!). In the meantime, here’s two Pinterest search links to get you inspired for your decorations


Fall Home Decoration

Halloween Home Decoration


Day 12- Window clings

I remember always seeing these as a kid and my Mom and I would decorate all the windows in our old apartment or the house. Now, as an apartment owner myself (and nostalgic), I’ve recently come across window clings again. I usually can find them first at Dollar Tree, but Walmart has been getting better about putting them out. I’ve slowly begun to start collecting per season. Our apartment has a sunroom with 2 prominent windows, so I usually just decorate those. Once again, since Hurricane Matthew was on his way towards us, I just put up what I could find: Fall theme. Once it gets a bit closer to Halloween, I’ll dig those out and put them up.



Day 13 – Chili night

Now that’s Fall, my Pinterest feed has blown up with Chili recipes and its no wonder why! Chili is just a good hearty meal (or meals!) that is pretty versatile.  While most people probably associate chili with beef and beans, there are certainly many other options: beef, beans, no beans, white chili (usually turkey or chicken), vegan, gluten free, slow cooker, stovetop… it goes on and low. We were gonna have a chili date night where we pop in a movie and make chili together, but Hurricane Matthew definitely threw a monkey wrench into those plans. He & I will most likely have to postpone this one for another day since we’re both gonna have to work to catch up on things. However, check out this pinterest search link to find you a chili recipe!

 Chili Recipe


Day 14 – Pumpkin patch

So, confession: I’m almost a 30 something and I’ve never been to a real pumpkin patch. Shocking, I know! We have a pumpkin patch at Boone Hall Farms (over at Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant – it’s still a very active working plantation) and I guess every year I just forget about it or money is tight. This year I want to do it! How’s that for a [fall] bucket list?! I might not be able to do since Hurricane Matthew did flood out the farms (I’m beginning to see a trend here. Matthew really put a damper of my fall fun!), but I’m sure there are many other ways to get pumpkins!

If you got a pumpkin and need some ideas on what to do with it (besides decoration), check out The Coastie Couple’s recent blog post about making your own Homemade Pumpkin Puree. Maybe you might want to get more than just one pumpkin now 😉


I hope you’re enjoying the fall season, this 2nd installment and my Fall Bucket List Challenge. If you missed out (or skipped to the bottom), check out my Fall Bucket List here.

Share with me how your fall is going! Are your leaves [finally] changing? Is you weather getting colder or chilly? (at least you got a chili recipe to warm you up with now!). Have you picked up a pumpkin, attended a festival or visited a corn maze yet?  Tell me all about it! Send me a reply here via email! Share a tweet with me, a pin you love or a fall picture you found on Instagram.


Shine Bright this fall.
<3 Jenn


Author: Jenn Bell